How does Love Island and ITV use the cloud?

Love Island, the hit dating reality show, has a huge audience that tunes in to watch the drama unfold in real-time. But have you ever wondered how the show is able to stream live to millions of viewers without interruption?

The answer lies in the power of the cloud. ITV, the network behind Love Island, has moved its live channel delivery to the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

How does ITV use AWS?

By using AWS, ITV is able to quickly and efficiently deliver its content to viewers. The show uses Amazon Elastic Transcoder to convert the live feed into multiple bitrates and resolutions, allowing viewers to stream the show on a variety of devices.

In addition, ITV uses Amazon CloudFront to distribute the show with low latency, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience for all. This allows for faster innovation and the ability to launch new channels and features, as well as reducing costs by eliminating the need for expensive on-premises hardware.

So the next time you're tuned into Love Island, remember that it's not just the islanders making waves, but also the power of the cloud behind the scenes.

What are the benefits for ITVX?

The benefits of the cloud are going to be very similar for ITV as other projects.

  • Faster innovation
  • Reduced costs
  • Ability to launch new channels and features quickly