My First Blog Post

So... Another year, another blog. This time, hopefully I can stick with it.


Whilst I'm at work, I write a lot of documentation about the what I do. I'm hoping this new blog will allow me to do a similar thing about my personal projects.

What did I use?

To create this blog, I am using the next-mdx-remote package. This package allows you to use MDX files in your Next.js project. MDX is a superset of Markdown that allows you to use JSX inside your Markdown files.

You can find the source code for this blog/my website here here.

What's next?

I want to keep adding features to my site, such as:

  • dark mode
  • search bar
  • a better way to display my blog posts.

I also want to keep up wiht my YouTube videos, so I am hoping this blog will be complementary to that.